Wapatui Recipe
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  This is the stuff that powers the Bus Party™, served continously during the bus ride.

The first Bus Party™ featured a half barrel of beer for the enjoyment of the guests, but the rough ride provided by the bus caused the barrel to foam up excessively. Recognizing that nothing ruins a party quicker than booze problems, the Bus Party™ crew set out to find a more suitable beverage for future trips. They finally found what they were looking for at a Halloween party at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1982. The recipe below has been used virtually unchanged for all subsequent parties.

The recipe is very similar to a Hairy Buffalo.   This recipe makes twenty-five gallons.


  • 2 - 1.75 liter bottles of gin, rum, and vodka (6 bottles total)
  • Equal parts apple cider, lemonade, and orange juice to make 25 gallons. (Frozen concentrate is acceptable.)
  • Chopped fruit to your liking. I enjoy one bag each of oranges and grapefruit and two bags of apples.
  • 40 lbs of ice cubes
  • One case of cheap beer
  • Five pounds of dry ice
  • A thirty gallon container (I have two garbage cans dedicated to wapatui service)


The day before the party, chop the fruit and soak in the alcohol overnight. Refrigerate.

The day of the party, mix the fruit, remaining booze, and fruit juices together in a thirty gallon container.

Add beer and stir vigorously.

Add ice cubes and wait for the Bus Party™ to start. At the last moment, crush the dry ice with a hammer and add to the wapatui.


The Mathu Party Page - Wapatui Recipe
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Updated September 13, 2014
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