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Friday April 4, 2002

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The first day of spring is Friday, April 4, 2003!

We will celebrate it with a morning tailgate party in the parking lot of Miller Park, then in the afternoon watch the Milwaukee Brewers begin their second decade of losing seasons and third decade without a playoff appearance.

What the tailgate party has to offer:
     A tailgate buffet and cold beer! (TASTES GREAT)

What the Milwaukee Brewers have to offer:
     Attendance down 842,000 from the previous year. (LESS FILLING!)

We will be buying tickets soon so please reply with an approximate number of tickets that you would be interested in. Even if you're just mildly interested, reply and I'll keep you on the e-mail list. We can qualify for up to 79 tickets before they go on sale to the general public on January 15.

Forward this message to anyone else who might be interested.

What are you waiting for? Reply now! Operators are standing by! But wait, there's more....

Other things that the tailgate party has to offer:
     Good fun
     Cold beer
     Excellent food
     Cold beer
     Good fun

What the Milwaukee Brewers have to offer:
     One hundred and six losses last year.
     A leaky roof during thunderstorms.
     Mediocre players.
     Bad bearings which forced the team to cut back on opening and closing the roof.

Reply soon! I need a rough head count so I can buy tickets.

Sausage Race:

Who will win? Check out the race below.

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