Here are some of the best web pages devoted to Milwaukee's Summerfest, the greatest beer and music festival on earth.

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2001 Edition Unofficial Milwaukee Summerfest Page
The 'Fest veterans return for the fifth year in a row.

Summerfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The official web site. Its quality has improved considerably since Byte Studios took it over.


2000 Edition Unofficial Milwaukee Summerfest Home Page
The three 'Fest veterans return to provide a unique and subjective look at this year's Summerfest.
Cherry Pie Journal
A synopsis and set list of their Sunday, July 9 show at the Harley Stage. Includes photos.
Milwaukee: Summerfest Grounds
A very brief report on the home of the 'Fest from Citisoft, Inc. --Features - Summerfest
Entertainment schedules and commentary for 'Fest '99 from a site devoted to everything Milwaukee.
Summerfest Central
A large group of Summerfest veterans with diverse backgrounds have aseembled a fantastic web site of photos, reviews, and stories.


1999 Unofficial Milwaukee Summerfest Home Page!
Three veterans of many years of Festing have teamed up to create a fantastic web site. Beside information about the festival, they include day-to-day commentaries during the eleven day run of the 'Fest.
Citizen King concert reviews
A brief review of the June 29 show at the Marcus Amphitheater by Josh Raabe.
eyes for you
Includes two photos from Slobberbone's July 3 performance. Photos from the Backsliders' July 4 show are "coming soon," the site promises.
If It Rocks, It's PURE ROCK LAZER 103
Photos from the 'Fest's rock stage, including Second Coming, Collective Soul, Powerman 5000 and Silverchair. It's got some cool sites of what it looks like to be on the rock stage looking out at the crowd.
June 30th , Milwaukee WI
A GREAT set of photos from the Rippingtons...don't miss the photo of Craig's dressing room at the bottom of the page!
Murphy Bros
A few photos of the 1999 midway area of the 'Fest grounds.
Road Trip Photos - Summerfest 1st Set - Milwaukee, WI 6/24/99
Lots of photos from their show -- including their first set , second set , and miscellaneous shots.
Show 187: 6/27/99 at Potowatomi Stage at Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI
Fifteen photos from the Dark Star Orchestra (a Grateful Dead tribute band) show.
Summerfest '99
Photos from their Rock Stage shows on July 1 and 2.
Summerfest, The Party of the Century - Milwaukee, WI
Preview of Summerfest 1999.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online: Entertainment: Summerfest 1999
Complete 'Fest coverage from Milwaukee's daily newspaper.
travelog: 99.06.29 - Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI
A review of Semisonic's show at the Leinie Lodge.
Truly Remarkable Loon Sightings
Included photos of the regular 'Fest entertainer at the Children's Stage (June 30) and juggling on the grounds (July 4). There's also a couple of photos from Summerfest '98 on the page, also.


ascendo - concert reviews - 5 July 1998
A very brief review of Smashing Pumpkins' show at the Marcus Amphitheater.
Deluxury's Pictures
Includes a photo of Deluxury playing the Miller Oasis in 1998. According to their web page, Summerfest is their "favorite gig." We can understand why they feel that way!
Get Real! Story Archives - Planting Flowers!/300/FLOWER/FLOWER.htm
A report by the Hawley School environmental club on planting flowers at the 'Fest grounds.
JS Online -Summerfest
A full report on 'Fest '98 from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
July 3, 1998 - Wisconsin - Milwaukee Summerfest
One fan's review of Eve 6's show at the Briggs and Stratton Big Backyard Stage in 1998. "...I would have to say that was the best Eve 6 concert ever!!!!!"
Marcia Ball at Summerfest '98
Long-time Summerfest performer Marcia Ball closes the show at the Miller Oasis on the last night of Summerfest '98.
OTN Chicago
A review of a day spent at Summerfest. Someone needs to let this guy know about paragraphs.
Stokes Aster
Photos of playing the Leinie Lodge at the 'Fest.
UNofficial Milwaukee Summerfest '98
A great look at that year's 'Fest.
A set listing of Jimmie's Chicken Shack's June 28 show and a reprint of the concert review that appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Foo Fighters-Milwaukee, WI 7-7-97
A review of the Foo Fighters, who were touring in support of the upcoming second album. When a band only has one album out, I'm not sure how you can call any of the songs "old songs," as they did in this review.
Freddy Jones Band Show Review - July 3, 1997
A review of their show at the Leinie Lodge by Peter Smith. He's has a tendency to make inflated claims -- for example claiming that there must have been 200,000 people at the 'Fest grounds that night.
In June 1997 a group of 5 met to attend Summerfest. As could be expected, they had a terrific time together! Here is their story, with photos.
Milwaukee, WI June 27
Two fans review Bush's June 27 performance. One of them tells a tale of attempting to jump onto the stage during "Little Things." I just wish these folks were better spellers.
Those Darn Accordions! Photo Gallery
Eight photos of San Francisco's amazing accordion rock and roll band in action!
UNOFFICIAL Milwaukee Summerfest Home Page
An in-depth look at everything that made that year's 'Fest great.
June 26
A set listing from the Dave Matthews Band June 26, 1997 show.
June 26th, 1997 Setlist
Do we really need three set listings from the same show?
The DMB Setlist Vault - 06/26/97
Another set list from the same show.


Daily Summerfest Updates
A GREAT page of day-by-day reports on 'Fest 96. So what if it's a bit out of date now, it's fun to look back on the year of Alanis Morissette, Def Leppard, and hometown-band Violent Femmes.
Freddy Jones Band Show Review - June 29, 1996
A review of the show by a FJB fan. Photo Gallery


Pearl Jam's set list from their July '95 show at the Marcus Amphitheater.
Enuff Z'nuff - Milwaukee Summerfest '95 - Track listing
Did you miss their 1993 show? Well, here's the set list when they came back two years later.
A set list and a short review of Bush's 1995 performance at the Marcus Amphitheater.


Luke Ski's GNOME page - Pic of the Week!
Features a picture of Luke with "Weird Al" Yankovich taken on the 'Fest grounds.
Enuff Z'nuff - Milwaukee Summerfest 1993 - Track listing
Here's a list of the eleven songs this band performed when they played the Rock Stage.
A set list from Triumph's June 30, 1993 show.


Lanny Cordola Photo Gallery
Includes ten photos from House Of Lords' show at the Rock Stage.
Summerfest 6/29/87
A set list from Ace Frehly's June 29 show.


The Moody Blues at Milwaukee Summerfest 84
Fifteen pictures from this show from Mike Bartley; this was one of the more enjoyable shows I've ever seen at the 'Fest! It's great to see pictures of the old Main Stage.


Five photos of Paul Revere and the Raiders playing the Pabst Stage.


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